Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 2 as Mrs. Micah

This week posting has been light. Sorry. We had a system go down at work which generally doesn't affect me because I'm HR, not IT. Except it was our timesheet system. And I specialize in Timesheets. Remember?

So Monday I have no memory from 8am until 5pm except for the occasional "Yep, you'll still get paid on Friday". Okay, that was more than occasional. That, coupled with a REALLY ugly email/phone call fight with my ex-husband WHILE I was at work makes Monday a day to forget.Except for the grilled steaks. Thanks Micah.

Tuesday was more of the same plus Family Therapy with Kylie. Which went well. Mostly. Tuesday night was a wild and crazy PTO board meeting, of which I was the designated driver. You heard that right. Read it again. That's how our PTO rolls down here in Colorado.
Not really but it was still a good time even if I did have to talk about flyer's and box tops etc.

Wednesday was a little quieter for the most part until my boss and I had a "misunderstanding". Due to raging hormones I was instantly reduced to tears (loud sobbing snot producing ones) and even when he came back and admitted he was in the wrong the day was pretty much ruined for me at that point.

*side note to managers. Sometimes it's not enough to know you were wrong. Check your facts before making accusations or attempting to discipline an employee because when you kick someones moral, it may not recover.*

But yesterday was also my 2 week anniversary. It allowed me time to reflect on what week 2 as Mrs. Micah has been as opposed to 2 weeks (my first 2) as Mrs. Brian.

Week 2 opened with Brian and I having a screaming match in front of our house with him accusing me of tricking him into marrying me. Yes really. Like he didn't propose and wasn't there at the church. We had just returned from our honeymoon in Disneyland. He told, for the first time, he wanted out. We didn't speak for almost 2 days.

Week 2 opened with Micah "surprising me" with an anniversary kiss. And a Hot Bath. And grilled burgers that I didn't have to grill. And cuddling. Lots of cuddling due to earlier Wednesday. And sweet whispers that I can't repeat, not because they are dirty (they aren't) but because they are so special you wouldn't believe me if I posted them anyways. And belly rubs.

Week 2 started as a much crappier week but ended with a firm belief that I am exactly where I am supposed to be for the first time in a long time.


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