Monday, July 27, 2009


So today big changes happening for the Pregnancy.

I'm switching care providers.

Over the weekend Micah and I watched "The Business of Being Born". There was a lot of information in it (and a lot of babies coming out of vagina's. I had to point that out EVERYTIME it happened. As if Micah wouldn't know.) some of which I didn't know and some of which I did. Believe it or not, back in the day I used to have "issues" with infertility. Birth research was just an extension of infertility research for me and I love nothing more than to research the hell out of something.

But the funny part of me never really put two and two together. So I had my first child with a midwife. Who was lovely. Her name was Bonnie. I cant say more nice things about her without getting all emotional. I had an epidural. I also labored forever. She slept on the couch in the hospital while I was getting closer so I wouldn't have to have the next on-call person deliver me. She rocked. I had an 8lb 12 oz baby and walked to my shower 15 minutes later.

My second child was delivered by a Dr. Looking back, it wasn't a fantastic experience. I delivered almost flat on my back. With an oxygen mask on my face. And I pushed for about an hour. My first time I had 3 pushes. I had a 7lb 6 oz baby and didn't do so hot afterwards. I had stitches for the first time and was sore. My Dr was good but I think some of the stuff I did was maybe unnecessary. I would have liked to have gotten out of bed at some point but was unable to.

So after watching the show, comparing my own information and talking it over with Micah, we decided to switch. I dumped my Dr and am headed back to a mid-wife. Now, don't get too excited, I'm STILL delivering at a hospital. Just one that allows for a water birth. And apparently provides a Doula. Plus an epidural if I lose my cool.

There were things at my Dr's office that just plain bugged me. They were very much into procedures. They (my dr specifically) didn't take time to talk to me about pro's and con's of tests or go over my unusual ultrasound results. The lecture I had about weight gain has proved to be, well, unfounded and unneeded and have I mentioned the hour wait with no reason plus rescheduling 2 appointments. At the last minute. And not because of delivering babies. Because she's taking vacation days. Or something.

It's the blood work that got to me honestly. There is an elective blood test called the Quad Screen. I've done my research. I know the false positive rate on this rest is ridiculous. (80-90% depending on your research.) and you're almost guaranteed a positive if your, well, chunky. Which I am. I elected not to do the test but to have a level II ultrasound instead. My Dr's office was not receptive to the idea and in an effort to reassure me, advised that if I had received a positive on the test I declined, I would have been given an amnio. Did you know that aminos can have a .5-2% chance of leading to miscarriage and terminating a pregnancy? Not for an almost guaranteed failure rate, no thank you. Not for me.

I dont want a lot of procedures. I don't want a lot of intervention. I want to move around. And walk. And squat to deliver. If I want to. I want options. And I wasn't getting that at my Dr's office.

Oh and the Dr. didn't think Micah was funny. Which I find to be criminal. Dude makes me laugh so hard I am constantly afraid of wetting myself. So if she can't find him funny (or you know, talk to him when he's in the room with me) then I don't wanna be anywhere near her.



Seriously, Lace. I need your email so we can chat more about birth stuff. Eric and I watched the same movie last fall. We were already planning for a homebirth, but that movie helped solidify it.

Check out my friend Melissa's blog for another (but shorter) video about real birth. You'll probably have to scroll down a little.

hugs and baby love!

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