Friday, July 31, 2009

25 weeks down, 15 to go Random Thoughts

Or so. As I said, I plan to be pregnant forever + a week so, you know. That's all a guess.

I am officially 6 months, 1 week pregnant. I miss eating. Micah starves me.

Actually, I just don't WANT to eat. I find that I am hardly every hungry except in the morning when the dogs and small children fear me (still) and my mad look of hunger. Aside from that, I generally can get by on a small meal for lunch and then eat something for dinner without too much problem.

Nothing though really appeals to me and those in my house have learned that if I say I'm having a craving for something it's a miracle and we need to eat it RIGHT THEN. Otherwise everything else just sort of turns to ash in my mouth and I choke down a slice of pizza before declaring I'm full.

No swelling really although I complain about the big belly I seem to be developing. I complain in fun because hello, THAT is a big belly.

People at work have started to NOTICE the belly more. I had a race yesterday down the aisles with a woman with a broken leg. She beat me. I blame the waddle. She was doing her victory lap when I mentioned my belly and her face deflated. She told me she hoped I had just put on weight because beating the pregnant lady at work doesn't have the same ring to it that beating the fat chick at work does. Apparently.

To my defense I was wearing sandals too. That doesn't help.

Lulu and Micah have both felt the baby move. Kylie has not. I think he snubs her.

These last 2 weeks or so the movements have come more often and are more defined. If you want to feel him move feed me and then wait about 10 minutes. That's prime moving time apparently.

3.5 weeks ago I had gained 4 lbs. I have a Dr appt today. Let's see what I've added since then. My diet has largely consisted of pistachios and Dr Pepper with watermelon and Chocolate milk chasers this last month. I'm sure that's considered healthy right? I mean, I've got protein, dairy and fruit at least.

Micah's sweet grandmother forgets how pregnant I am but keeps asking in a super nice way. Things I often hear are "3 more months?" "2 more months to go?"
Sadly I often slump my shoulders and say "4 months."

Lulu is totally preparing for the new baby brudder. She insists she will hold him, bath him and change his diaper just as soon as I throw him up. She believes he is supposed to come out of my mouth. I haven't broken the news to her yet. In other news she still has a fish in her belly that steals all her food too. Especially Popsicles. Which is why she always wants 2 apparently.

My boss casually asked me yesterday why I space my children so far apart. (9 years between the first 2, 5 years between the second and third) My response?
"A 5 year old can change a diaper and a 14 year old can babysit."

We have a name and we aren't afraid to use it!
Name selected: William Raul

William because we both like it despite it's placement on the top 10 boys name list since forever and Raul after Micah's Grandfather who passed away almost 3 years ago. Apparently he was a big fan of grandkids and would have liked to have had some great grandkids before he went. Hopefully he and my mom are getting their play time in now with little Will.

And there are your random 25 week pregnancy postings.



Fun updates! I think the race story goes in the baby's baby book.

I like the name Raul. What heritage is Micah? You know, I'm hispanic too, so when I met Micah we can eat salsa and talk in Spanish. My family is from Peru. I have a little cousin named Raul. His dad was Raul as well, so we called my cousin Raulito. He changed it to Uli. We still call him that now at 14 years old. I'm sure he hates it.

"Chocolate milk chasers"! I love it!

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