Friday, February 12, 2010

The quickest ER trip in history

Thursday morning Micah's grandma, herein known as Sweet Jenny, got out of bed and fell. We think. We think because no one actually saw her do it and her memory does not allow any detail whatsoever on what happened except "I fell".

She's got a bad bruise on her forehead which has spread to her right eye area and cheek. She looks like she was punched in the eye but she says it doesn't hurt.

Friday, Leslie (Micah's mother) and I took Jenny out to dinner. We, as a family, try to take Jenny out at least once a week. Normally it's Saturday's for lunch but due to the fall and the fact that Leslie was going up to the mountains for her long Presidents Day Weekend we decided to take her out Thursday instead. On the occasions that Micah can't make it (and that has been happening more frequently lately since his work has decided everyone works 6 days a week now instead of 5) Leslie and I take her alone and call it girls night out.

So Friday we took her out and while her eye looked bad it didn't look unusual for that kind of head bonk.

Friday night though, at about 9pm we got a call from the nursing home head nurse telling us that the Dr wanted Sweet Jenny to go to the ER for her eye. They said she had puss in it.

Trying to convince Jenny what to get for dinner can be a challenge so we knew that there was no way she could go to the ER alone. Micah and I got dressed and headed to the nursing home.

We got there and Jenny was asleep. The head nurse could not explain exactly why they needed Jenny to go to the ER right then but that the Dr had ordered it so. They called and ambulance but also could not explain with any information WHY Jenny needed to go to the ER. Her eye didn't hurt her and she had been sound asleep. While I did see some puss when she opened it it wasn't substantial and as I said, it wasn't bothering her.

None the less, we go. Jenny was really confused as to why we had to get up and go, no matter how often I tried to explain that it was for her head and to make sure she was okay.

The ER Dr seemed to be of the opinion that there was no reason to be there Friday when the fall was on Thursday and she seemed okay and was under the constant care of nurses anyways. But since we were there they did a CAT scan to be safe.

We were at the ER for roughly 2 hours and Jenny was agitated as all get out by the end. She just wanted to go home and go to bed. She was angry. I was tired. Micah was tired. The baby was, well, he was content to be held by Jenny which was good since that's how we distracted her while waiting for the Dr.

I snapped these pictures while we were there.

He probably weighs about as much as Jenny does.....

Hold her hands

All in all we were home by 1am and thankfully while I did go back to work today it wasn't until 1pm so I got to sleep in.

But I have some questions for those nurses at the nursing home when my anger has dissipated a little bit.


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