Thursday, February 25, 2010

I need a favor

I know I don't have a lot of readers. Mostly just a few friends and some family and that's totally fine with me. I write for entertainment, not to sell my blog and make a cool million. (Although I wouldn't be upset if that magically happened)

I somehow doubt though that my ramblings about my kids and my pets is hardly million dollar worthy.

I digress.

I need a favor from my small band of readers though.

Micah's grandmothers birthday is coming up. She's turning 80 in April and we're having her birthday on April 4th. It's a joint Easter meal/birthday party extravaganza.

The thing is, she's been in a nursing home for about 6 months now. And she was kinda out of the loop before that. She's 80 so a lot of her peers are either forgetful or have passed on.

Based on her reaction at Christmas ("Where is my present?") I'm attempting to avoid any confusion and also help make her feel special for her big day.

I need birthday cards people.

I'm asking that you, my readers, send a birthday card to my home address, addressed to Jenny Gonzales prior to April 4th. (f you need my home address email me at lacy323 at gmail dot com)

What I'm envisioning is a lot of birthday cards opened at the party (I promise I'll get a picture of her in her party hat to pay you folks back) that we can then take back to her room at the nursing home and put up around the room.

You might be thinking "But she doesn't even know me. Why would she want a card from me?"

My answer would be this: It's a nice thing to do for an elder who has lost contact with a lot of people in the last 6 months including friends and family. Also, she has dementia and often is okay with just accepting that she doesn't remember everyone anymore. She still doesn't remember my name and I see her weekly.

It's important for all of us to feel loved and thought about and prayed for. I want Jenny to feel that way on her birthday. Please wont you help?

I'll save you a piece of cake....


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