Friday, February 5, 2010

Facing the menacing hordes

For some unknown reason there was no school today here in Sleeping Beauty town, Colorado. There wont be any tomorrow either. No, I don't know why. I wish I did.

I had the BRILLIANT idea to take the kids to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today. It's only OUR district that was out of school today so I guessed that it would be a slow and boring day there, being a Thursday and a school day.


There was an entire middle school AND elementary school there today, in addition to the regular group of home schoolers and other wise parents from our district who had the same idea that I did. I fail.

Luckily they left about an hour after we got there.

Lizzie adores the Space Exploration area and would live there if she could. Who knows, she may be my science minded child after all.

Kylie was too cool to be caught dead at a museum so instead stayed home and did laundry.

Will went with Lizzie and I and enjoyed the Genghis Khan exhibit which will leave our fair city on Sunday so I'm glad we went.

Lizzie rushed me through though in order to get to the hats. She HAD to have a Mongol hat. HAD TO.

Outside the exhibit. Will was being camera shy apparently.

Will shows off his very stylish Mongol hat.

My fearsome Mongol horde. Don't they look vicious?


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