Thursday, August 26, 2010

Of girls and boys and toothbrushes

First- funny story about Lizzie. A couple of weeks ago we received the reminder from Ky's orthodontist that it was time for a visit. Whoo hoo! Ky saw it and threw it into the back of my car. A day later Lizzie saw it and in her excitement of seeing the postcard with a tooth and cartoon dentist on it lost her ability to read. Practically shaking she asked, nay, demanded to know if it was time for her to visit the dentist. Sadly I had to tell her the postcard was Kylie's. I might have well just told her that Santa wasn't real and she was never going to get a present ever again. Devastated. Over the lack of dental appointments.

That kid is not right.

This short story DOES have a happy ending however. 2 days later her reminder came in the mail. I haven't told her about the appointment yet because I just can't deal with daily questions "Is TODAY the day I see the dentist?".

Second - Last week Micah and I were sitting in the living room watching a show that I can't remember now. I heard a strange noise and so did Micah so he paused the television. All our children were supposed to be asleep and in bed after all.

I listened and finally the source of the noise dawned on me. Kylie was in the bathroom. Brushing her teeth. For over 8.6 seconds. WITHOUT BEING TOLD. I thought Micah was going to faint when we then heard her rinse with mouthwash.

He looked at me and said "She has a boyfriend. I'd bet money."

The next day was Back to School Night. I met the boyfriend. Micah was right. Good thing I didn't take that bet.

Here's the skinny on this boyfriend who is real and doesn't live on the Internet (where the large majority of her boyfriends have lived in the past).

His name is Tyler. (I call them Ky and Ty. I bet she hates that)

He is a senior. (More on this momentarily)

He shook my hand and looked me in the eye. I like that. A lot.

When quizzed about college plans he has solid plans and goals AND knows the reasoning why he making these decisions.

His mom attended back to school night which tells me they are involved in his life. I like that.

He has siblings that he is close to.

He is respectful.

This is the two of them together obviously hamming it up for my iPhone camera.

I have two concerns. The first is that he is a senior and she is a freshman. When I was a freshman I dated a junior. I know how that turned out so my concern is strong. When I told my co-workers about the age difference they all responded with not so helpful thoughts on why a senior would date a freshman. THANKS GUYS.

Looking at it another way though, Kylie will be 15 in about a month. She missed the deadline to enroll in Kindergarten in Tucson by weeks so she is almost always the oldest in her class. Tyler is 17 currently although he'll turn 18 in November. That's a not quite 3 year age gap. I'm comfortable with that, especially since I've met him and so has Brian.

My other concern though is totally selfish. I think we all know how high school romance can turn out. Rarely do people stay together in high school and Tyler will be graduating and attending college next year. While he will remain in Colorado he may not be hip into sticking it out with a high school sophomore and Kylie may want to see other high school boys when Tyler isn't around. This is normal and not weird.

But I REALLY like him! (Imagine me throwing myself across the bed sobbing with acne cream all over my face and curlers in my hair.) I think he's a nice boy and good and I don't WANT him to go away when chances are likely that he will. DAMMIT.

Yes, I know. I have teenage angst over my daughters boyfriend.

Obviously, I'm weird.



Kylie with a boyfriend...WEIRD.

I think I'll read the Lizzie story again.


Elisa! You wound me!

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