Monday, August 16, 2010

Cat & Mouse

Dear Jason-the-cat,

You are an excellent cat. One of the best I've ever had. Of course you are only the second cat I've ever had and I've only had you for about a year. Plus the other cat had urinary tract issues that cost several thousand dollars to correct. So far you haven't cost nearly that much so you're in my top 2 for sure.

You are loving and affectionate and I dare say I am one of your favorite humans in the house. I think it's because I so gently open your cat food every morning after your have meowed at me beginning at 5:30am. Just ignore the things I grumble under my breath, they aren't for such young ear anyways.

You are also very patient with all the small hands in the house and despite a death grip on your tail you have never once scratched or even hissed at the Baby. Or Lizzie. And only a little bit at Kylie.

You are obviously grateful for such a nice, comfortable home with couch to live on and a variety of delicious food to eat. I can tell by the gifts you bring in at least once a week.

While I appreciate IMMENSELY that you have begun bringing them in more often dead than alive I must ask that you refrain from the gift giving. The mouse on the kitchen floor Saturday was disturbing and it's becoming a habit. I realize that you are simply bringing me gifts which are in your nature but I have now had to bury and give funeral for 1 Edgar The Mouse and have had to quietly hide 2 more bodies when small little girls have not been looking.

Not to mention my mother in law freaks out when you bring them in and my husband steps over them as if he doesn't see them.

Please Jason, if you love me, stop bringing me mice, dead or alive.

How about you just don't pee on anything in the house and we'll call it good?



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