Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flowers for Mommy

I think there is possibly no greater way a child can show their mother that they love them than to bring them a bouquet of wild flowers. I myself can recall the excitement of finding yellow dandelions all over the lawn and picking them, even if they were only nubs, to present to my mother.

"Here Mommy!" I would say as I presented what adults called weeds to her.

Normally she put them in a cup of water for as long as my attention span remembered the flowers and then she would dispose of them later.

Last week Lizzie brought me a bouquet that I tried REALLY hard not to bring into the house. Nor only was it weeds, it didn't even sort of resemble flowers.

At least not to me.

Because as an adult I have lost my wonder and excitement at things that grow and sprout. I no longer think of anything with a head or bulb and leaves as a flower but children certainly do.

Initially we left the "bouquet" outside, to get rid of the bugs I told her. The next morning she found it where I had left it, outside and brought it into the house for me.

The next morning I could appreciate the arrangement better and could see that it was important to her that I accept them. That I fawn over them. That I recognize them as a gift.

When I left them outside, I was telling her I didn't like her gift. When I put them in water, I showed her that her effort and gift was important.

I wish I always thought that way but I don't. I'll try to be better about it in the future.

For the record, these "flowers" have lasted a LOT longer than anything I've ever paid for.

Thank you Lizzie, for your flowers. They are beautiful.



Looks like rye grass. I get a lot of those types of bouquets, too, along with "treasure" of rocks, leaves, twigs, and occasionally, a dead moth or butterfly (they are pretty!).

My grandma taught me well how to appreciate a child's gift. Her kitchen was filled with dandelions when we were little. To this day, she tells me they are her favorite "flower".

I bet Lizzie was thrilled to see her gift of love so carefully displayed.

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