Monday, November 16, 2009

Adventures in Castor Oil

This blog post will be short because I actually have a better one in my head. I actually have 2 better ones. The first involves a political lesson I gave my 14 year old recently. Knowing what I do about my readership (hello family!) I have to be careful how I word that so you people don't call CPS on me. (I'm kidding of course. It's just a long post that many of your might want to ignore altogether.) The other blog post will include a birth announcement. But, well, that birth hasn't happened yet. So I can't even begin to write that one. *sigh*

But I did want to share a semi-funny story with you all involving me and my pregnancy induced crazy and Castor oil.

So last Wednesday I went home early from work with contractions that SEEMED like they might be getting closer together. But not fast enough. It was also the day before my due date.

Up until that day I had been the biggest opponent of Castor Oil as an induction method. I knew exactly one person who had used in and gone into labor and her story was so horrific (involved a very fast labor and multiple bowel movements) that I couldn't remotely stomach the idea.

Until last Wednesday. Last Wednesday I was so desperate to make the contractions stop and just get it over with I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to find some of the "magic" oil. I had done my research and one website suggested there might be Castor oil pills. I couldn't find them. But it also suggested that 58% of women who had taken 2 oz of Castor oil had gone into labor within 4-6 hours.

Those seemed like frankly good odds last Wednesday.

I could not find the Castor oil however. So I called my husband and told him if he loved me he would bring me some. And he loves me. So he brought some home and then immediately said he couldn't be a part of it. He felt like it wasn't going to be pretty and darnit, we're still newlyweds.

I decided to go easy on myself and I took 1 oz of the Castor oil in orange juice. Let it sit an hour or so and nothing. So I took the other oz.

Let me stop here and say, taking that second ounce was rough. I knew the texture by that point and while it didn't taste particularly bad it does strange things to juice. Basically it sits on top of it and gets all over your mouth and no amount of orange juice will really help that.

And so I sat. And waited. And I knew what SHOULD come next. The exiting of anything I may have consumed for the last 3 years in a horrible method. But if it brought on labor I was ready for it.


Except NOTHING happened. NOTHING. No gut wrenching bathroom trips. No nausea. No regrets. No contractions. NOTHING HAPPENED.

In fact, my contractions stopped altogether for the evening.

Disappointment, thy name is Castor Oil.

Which is why I sit here, 4 days past my due date, still at my office job and still not delivered. Not even Castor Oil can save me.



Oh, Lacy, I can't wait to see who this little man is inside you. He seems like quite a character already! Incidentally, a friend of mine did the castor oil thing for her labor, and it didn't work either. But she did have those, uh, "other" side effects. If you're up for a great birth story, her blog is called Tending the Home Fires, and I think you'll see it if you click on my profile.

I've been checking your blog fanatically, so impatient am I, so I can't imagine how you must feel! Wait...I've also had little ones that have been "overdue", so I guess maybe I do. I'll be praying!


Castor oil is rough! Although it may not have induced labor, I'm glad for you that you didn't get the whole stomach ache part. I did take it with Paloma but it was the 10 minute intervals of nipple stimulation with an electric breast pump that worked like a charm. And I'm sure that my midwife was suprised at how "clean" the birth was (I took the castor oil earlier that day).:)

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Lol! Lacy, you know it's gotta be me when some guy named David tells you about nipple stimulation. I'm sure the mention of Paloma gave it away though. Although....I guess you could've been questioning who P's father is momentarily.



I thought of you this morning and was SURE I would come to your blog and see a BABY! Oh dear I hope its soon!!

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