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How the got their names

For some reason I find the process that people use to name their children fascinating. I love 99.9% of names people pick for their children because of course they always seem to fit that child but I also love the time and thought that parents put into the process of picking the "right" name.

A name is something that you give your child that they will carry with them forever. It helps shape and mold them and make them who they are and who they will become. (You know, along with upbringing and morales etc.)

So here is how each of my children got their names. I just thought I would share with you.

Kylie LeAnndra

Kylie is a name that my stepmother really liked and wanted for my half brothers daughter (my niece). At the last minute they changed their minds and so 4 years later I used it for my daughter. It also helps that its a)an Irish name and b) her birth fathers middle name is Kyle.

Kylie is Irish, meaning Handsome (okay it was for a boy in Ireland) or Boomerang in Australian Aboriginal.

LeAnndra is me changing up my middle name. Originally Kylie's middle name was going to be Nicole but at the last minute my mom suggested I use LeAnndra instead since her fathers middle name was getting some billing, perhaps mine should to. LeAnndra means "like a lioness" and I find it appropriate.

Elizabeth Ann.

Elizabeth is for Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. The A&E movie is my favorite movie of all time and had I seen it 7 months earlier Kylie may very well have been named Jane.

Ann is also using my middle name and giving it to my child. I just had to be sneakier about it. At the hospital, after Brian had filled out the birth certificate information he looked at me and said, "Hey, you, Kylie and Lizzie all have Ann in your middle name." I faked being surprised and really was shocked he hadn't noticed sooner.

William Raul.

William was all Micah's idea. He really, really, really wanted to name the baby that. I was heading more towards Jeremiah. Or Paul. Or Benjamin. Or anything that wasn't William because Micah wanted to call him Bill and when I think of the name Bill I think of old, bald, fat guys. (Apologies to all Bills right now) He finally won me over with a promise to call him Will, not Bill. But every so often he messes with me and make me think that William is still a bad idea.

Raul is Micah's grandfathers middle name. He insisted and while I was all about putting Lee as the middle name (More homage to ME!) I agreed, seeing as Micah loved his grandfather so much.

I toy with the idea of adding Julian as a second middle name to this baby as homage to my mother but I generally am not a fan of 2 middle names so that probably wont happen.

So how did you name your babies?



Lacy,I think Julian added to the middle name might be nice! When we named our babies, the first name was just a name we both liked, but the middle name was named after someone. Mark's first name is really John (he is John Engesser the IV), but we didn't want two John's in the house so we knew we would call him Mark. Heidi's middle name is Violet - after my Mom and John's grandmother. Mike's middle name is Doyle - of course my maiden name. Eric's middle name is Roger - after our very good friend Roger Wermager.
Aunt Connie


Hi Lacy,

Still catching up...

I also love hearing how people named their children. I think names are so important as well. It says that God knows their names from before time and calls them by name. That's important!

Here's a brief explanation of how we chose the names we did...

Joshua James-Eric has a really good friend named Joshua. Josh (the friend) helped Eric stay true to his faith all throughout high school and college. The first year of our marriage, Josh was in a car accident and they weren't sure he'd live. It was then Eric realized how important Josh was to his life. He said to me on the way to the hospital to be with Josh that if we ever had a son, he'd want his name to be Josh. The James part is after my grandpa, who very much loved Eric. My grandpa is also a chemical engineer from the U of M, and after I married Eric, my grandpa became significantly less interested in me and vastly more so in Eric. Also, Eric was memorizing the book of James when I was pregnant.

Mariella Louise-We wanted a form of "mary" for our daughter, but didn't like "mary". I came across the name "Marianna", but didn't like it completely. Another name we were considering was Gabriella. So we just mixed the two and came up with Mariella. Louise is my middle name as well as my mother's middle name.

Sophia Pearl-We wanted to honor both our maternal grandmothers, but using their first names didn't appeal to us. Our baby would have been Victoria Violet. Eric didn't like all the Vs. So I said that I've always loved my grandma's middle name, which is Sophia. I asked what his grandma's middle name was and when he said it was Pearl, I knew that would be our baby's name. Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek, so I love that her name means pearls of wisdom. Also, two weeks before she was born, I had a dream that I had a baby girl (I hadn't found out gender), that she would have a headful of fuzzy, short hair, and that her name would be Sophia Pearl. I figured it was a message from God, so she was named as such. And she did even look exactly like the baby from my dream!

Thanks for sharing about your names. One question...what is your middle name? I know it's something with Ann!

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