Friday, February 11, 2011

Plumbers cry

He sits across from me. He's hunched over, he's got tears in his eyes. He didn't know who to talk to.

I had asked him to see me about his car insurance. I had a new policy number for him. That was it. The next thing I know he's got my door shut and he's about to cry.

It's his wife. She says she hates Colorado. She says her Grandma is sick. Her Aunt is dying. She needs to go home. But he knows she's not coming back. He knows she's making up excuses. He knows she's leaving him.

But every night he goes home and they have dinner and they watch TV and they share money and a bed and a life. But she's leaving him. In 2 weeks she's getting on a plane and going to a place that means she's never coming back.

He's devasated. He feels lost and yet not lost because his life is normal. Today. Tonight he'll go home and they will eat dinner and talk and pretend like she's not leaving in two weeks.

I ask him what makes him think she's not coming back. They fight. They argue. They don't seem to get along. She's talked about leaving before. She's taking precious things, she's shipped boxes to "there" under the guise of "I might be there awhile".

I am at a loss.

My heart breaks for him. I want to tell him she's not leaving. I want to tell him it's okay.

I don't know them. I don't know him. I don't know what to do.

I hand him a kleenex. I sit next to him. In my head my mind races with the splitting of assets and taxes and time off of work. I tell him "You're going to be okay".

It's all I've got.


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