Friday, October 8, 2010

Kylie in Fall

Kylie's Fairplay photos are vastly different to me than either Lizzie's or Will's. She is still more often, she knows how to hold herself. She wants the photo to turn out a certain way and so she holds her body, her face, her gaze in such a way as to reflect what she wants.

Or something like that.

Regardless, her photo's turned out well in color but they become more interesting to me, more artistic, when they are turned into Sepia tones.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite shot of Kylie that day. I like her smile, it's generally off the cuff and the trees above it make is so interesting to me.

The eye's have it.

She actually was just walking out of the forest of trees like Lizzie had. Except where as Lizzie was all movement and energy Ky was all deep thoughtful.
This was an accidental in picture. In color you can tell that it's just Ky waiting for me to tell her what to do and to be ready to take her picture. In black and white it looks like she's contemplating something deep. Like how much wood COULD a wood chuck chuck?

The name + tree shot. I love her smile here.

One of the things about Micah and I working together is that he tends to think Macro and I tend to think Micro when it comes to photo's. What that roughly means it, I tend to think about the eyes and what is within a foot of the subject's face where as Micah tends to think about where their feet are and what is above them. These photos were a collabortation of each of us mostly with Micah whispering "Bring it out, we can focus in on the small details later".



great photos!
Aunt Connie

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