Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girl time

Alternatively titled: How did I manage to spend more on a 5 year old than myself?

Our AC went out Sunday night (I think). So Monday I took the kids while Micah researched the problem. We headed to the mall.

I hate the mall.

But it has AC and pizza.

My "goal" for the evening was to purchase body wash for myself from Bath & Body Works. We have a rule in the house that each person has their own SINGLE body wash in the shower at any given time.

Except Kylie has, right now, 4 in there, none of which she uses. Lizzie had none and I had one but I don't like waste so I kept trying to use up Kylie's stuff, even though I don't like the smell of any of it.

But I'm down to my last squeeze of my own body wash and Lizzie correctly pointed out that she is a big girl now and deserves her own body wash since she showers now and doesn't take baths.

So we are in Bath & Body works and of course we have to smell every.single.bottle. Plus Lizzie has to resmell some of them.

I'm a pretty basic individual when it comes to my hygiene products. I don't use hair products aside from shampoo and conditioner. Unless a rubber band counts as a product because I use that a lot too. I don't wear makeup, I don't even own any. I don't wear perfume. I consider scented deodorant to be the highlight of my morning hygiene routine.

I picked out a body wash and was ready to go. (Butterfly Flowers I think)

Lizzie, however, worked her entire way through the store TWICE before deciding on the body wash I had suggest 45 seconds into the store. Sweet Pea.

As we were making our way through the ridiculous crowded store (it felt like a maze with a stroller) she found lotion AND Body spray in Sweet Pea.

Her argument (I'm a girl mommy! Girls like lotions and perfume!) held some weight because I recognize that while I'M the anti-girl she is the poster

So. After negotiations and discussions I bought myself a small sample lotion for $1 and my body wash as well her three products. I also bought hand soap for the kitchen because I loved the smell but couldn't find any in a body wash. I walked out of there having spent $45 of which $12 was for me.

We got home and Lizzie could not WAIT to show her friends next door her smelly girl stuff. She especially wanted to show Abraham her awesome stuff. And she has managed to leave it there twice now since we bought the items.


On the plus side, our AC is fixed now. And I smell really good.


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