Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday gift

What do you want for your birthday?" he ask me "Do you want like a real gift?"

"I'd rather put the money you'd spend on a gift towards an apple tree this year." I reply

"I'd buy you an orchard." He whispers

My birthday has been wonderful despite the fact that my husband is in Houston this week, I have all three children with me, two of which have colds and one who has a case of the crankies and I started a new job this week.

My husband sent me surprise tulips which are beautiful. I love getting flowers and while I enjoy the ridiculous roses I get on Valentines day it's even more wonderful to get a lovely bouquet of tulips, an often overlooked flower in my opinion.

My mother in law came to Aurora, picked up my son from day care, cleaned my kitchen and cooked dinner. Oh and brought me a cake. It's pink and purple with edible pearls. Lizzie is lusting over the book marks that came on it.

And at my new job (HR Employee Connect Representative for CH2MHill) the trainer brought in purple mums and a balloon while my new co-workers all signed a card wishing me a happy birthday and welcoming me to the team. It was honestly the best welcome I could get.

I don't dread birthdays. I don't pretend to be a year or 4 older. I guess either I'm not that old or I just don't care. My 30th birthday was my best birthday ever but each year it seems my life just gets better and better. I think more people are actually like that than we care to admit but for some reason society, especially for women, tells us we must dread the wisdom and experience that each successive birthday brings.

Phooey on that I say.

Here is to another amazing year. I bet this one will be the best one yet.



I look forward to 100 more with you!
Happy Birthday
I Love You

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