Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where am I?

I'm sure by now you are all thinking "Where is Lacy? She said she lost her job and so she SHOULD have all this time to be blogging and posting pictures and being funny yet touching."

And you would be TOTALLY right. Except.

I got a job.

My first day of unemployment I got a job offer.

It's an HR Manager at a family owned plumbing company. It's a brand new position. So new that it's Thursday and hopefully this afternoon I will meet with my boss to write my own job description. Which is awesome for several reasons. 1. I've never written a job description and 2. I get to MAKE UP MY OWN JOB!

Although I'm pretty sure blogging on my family blog site will NOT be included in that job description.

So you'll have to wait until after work/holidays for more updates from because unlike my last job I actually have continuous work to do all the time.

Quick FAQ's....

1. Is it more money/better money/same money than your last job?
Yes. Not a ridiculous amount but enough to make my last pay scale look embarrassing.

2. Do you like it?
Yes. A lot.

3. Is it a good company?
Yes. I can't wait for them to replace my mainline.

4. What are you doing?
Working harder in my first week than anywhere else in my life doing things that are so different than anything I've ever done. I'm basically building or revamping every HR process they have. And it's all due the first week of January.

5. How's the commute?
15 minutes from my house to the office. I've used less than a quarter of a tank this week.


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